Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Evil Satanic Conspiracy

The only possible way to hate God is by hating yourself.

We are created in the image of God. Although the word “God,” causes problems for some people because of their social conditioning and the way that the word is used in our society, (i.e. to refer to an imaginary disapproving parental figure) I’m going to assume that my readers know the difference between what people think words mean and what they actually mean, and that if they insist on misunderstanding it is due to their praiseworthy stubborn natures. We know what God “is,” by knowing ourselves. Some people try to tell us that God is something apart from us, an alien standard that approves or disapproves of various aspects of our being and psyche. This is, essentially, diabolism.

There is an evil, literally “Satanic,” movement at work in the world. It disguises itself as religion, although everything that it does demonstrably contradicts the basic premises of the religions that it claims to represent. People, especially in the secular west, believe that it IS religion, and by and large they either despise it, or distort themselves to live by its principles. The purpose of this evil “Satanic” movement is to make people hate themselves, and by extension, to make them hate God too. This is how we know the enemy. It doesn’t matter whether they call themselves Christian, Muslim, Cool, Hip, or Big in Japan, we can RECOGNIZE EVIL by recognizing THIS. If the thing is making people hate themselves, it is evil. Only by loving what we are, in truth, can we aspire to Love under Will. If we hate ourselves, we create division in our essential nature before we even conceive of the possibility of uniting our individual essence with an event or another being.

There are people, silly as it sounds, who THINK that they hate God, but actually love God. The thing that they hate doesn’t exist. It’s a mask on a crude cartoon devil. If they love themselves they love God, whether they like it or not. Ha ha! Suckers!

Here’s the real goose though: the devil has no goal. No final purpose. It’s just trying to PREVENT the goal from realizing itself. To prevent the purpose of creation from being accomplished. But that can’t last. Our present society is practically designed to create self-loathing, hatred of religion, (that could actually lead people to real knowledge) and a determined lack of discipline, discipline being seen as a concession to The Man.

What clarity of purpose! The Lord be praised! Those who cultivate self-love, true religion, and self-discipline in this society are truly the strongest, the smartest, and the most fit to lead.

“Consider the Bond of a cold Climate, how it maketh Man a Slave; he must have Shelter and Food with fierce Toil. Yet thereby he becometh strong against the Elements, and his moral Force waxeth, so that he is Master of such Men as live in Lands of Sun where bodily Needs are satisfied without Struggle.”

-Aleister Crowley, Liber Aleph cap. 37, “On Cultivating Strength Through Discipline”

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